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Sept 11th, 2016

We're now running and modding an ARMA III server for those of you who play it. Details are in the forums! Come check it out!

June 22nd, 2015

We seem to have hit a long extended streak of exposure somehow. Our numbers have doubled in the past month for everything as far as our internet metrics go. Most of the traffic is from overseas in Asia and we'd like to welcome all the new people checking things out. We're very busy! Sengoku has been on and off for a few years now as we developed in privacy when time permitted us to work on it, as a hobby and learning project for Ulti and myself, as well as a few friends. We're changing up strategy a bit and developing everyday now, even if it's just a small amount. We've added another artist as well, who is helping to create our overlay tiles. Once the map of the sandbox city is finished (now in it's third and final revision for testing) we've got plans to open up as Early Access! Most of the features will be works in progress but you will be able to report to us in forums about how those systems work for you, or do not work for you. With the boom in survival genre gaming, most of you know this game has been rooted in that for about 5 years now. Certainly not the first game to do so, but we've been cultivating ideas for a long time now, which will really help to create very robust systems. We're also pushing the limits of what this old engine can offer in terms of draw calls and other optimizations, while at the same time increasing the level of detail usually associated with the C3 engine. What's all this mean? It will run faster, look better, and use less resources than Conquer. We're still as excited as ever about this project, and we're so glad that so many familiar faces are still around to help welcome the new faces in the crowd. We'll be in touch with more news soon! Pce.

March 7th, 2015

Well first post of the New Year. We're still working on a few projects, sort of in rotation. We just released a further developed pic of the map for the main starter town, and our basic development sandbox called Tesuto Miho. You can see the pic at the facebook page. We released the pic just as TQ released their new Twin City update (their third) and I gotta say - there are a few weird similarities. Check them both out for yourselves and see, then let us know what you think! We've also been quietly working on a DayZ server that does not require steam, and has most of the features of retail, plus more. We're still working on persistence for it, as well as saving of some items, but we've got quite a few additions made including a sweet patching system that will keep the client updated. Should be very handy considering how we're so back and fourth on projects. We hope your holidays were great, and we hope this new year bring you, and us, some great things. Pce and remember to check us out on FB and hit follow to keep up on developments!

September 2rd, 2014

Yo! So the first map to make it to the Conquer PS crew is an underground mine! We're not sure how many more we'll have time to do but our own sandbox map for testing just got a few new zones, including some forest, as well as lots of new houses and locations, adding up to a total of about 55 locations on the map! We've got backgrounds now in the map editor so we'll be adding some cool ones for sure. Not sure on a date yet for testing but again, things are moving along well. I may post some pics of progress, maybe some skin silhouettes or something, so keep checking back here and at the forums. Don't forget to drop by the Sengoku page and see the progress. Hope to see you all in game very soon!

August 3rd, 2014

Yet another new round of tools from Ulti, our ability to really tweak this game is amazing now. We've added some new systems (yes even more new systems) to the game and we're really hoping to be testing sometime coming up. Watch here for any exact time to appear. Aside from that new models are being made daily and after last summers HDD loss of data, its an area that needs to be redone. This time they're better in many ways, including better weighting on the skin, hands, new heads and tons of faces. We're still only at about 7 maps but we're working on a few more this coming week, and have just finished a map for the gang over at ConquerPS So folks can head over there within a week or so and check out the new Twin City (completely new) by Zato (me)! We're adding some animation to the map and a few other nice surprises that make it custom to the CoPS crew. It looks like we're forming a bit of a relationship with them professionally and that will benefit both projects immensely! That's about it for now, check back soon! Oh we also closed the Dayz Server, hence the removal of the banner for it below this! Waaaay too much money for a server with no control yet. Anyway, pce!

March 28, 2014

We're running a DayZ SA server! The url is We'll be modifying the game as soon as the tools to do so are available. Should be alot of fun, log in and say hi! (Edit: 8-214 closed server)

August 27th, 2013

Damn, summer is almost over. I can tell because work has stepped up a few notches. New tools and I believe we have finally crossed the final threshold in our YakuaCo mod of Conquer Online. We now can create anything we want from effects to models to animations. Shit just got real. One more rewrite for some final revision modifications to the source and one more major attempt to reclaim the 3d data that was lost in a hard drive thermal event here at the art dept. Another map is begun as well and is the final area we need to have implemented before we can open publibly for testing. Hope the slow period hasnt shaken many of you off! Talk to you soon, pce!

August 8th, 2013

Things have been slowed down a bit over the summer but work is still being done. Some new tools sets are being conststructed giving us the most access to new contnent we've had yet. Things are always moving and we'll add some screenies at some point to back this up! Hope you're all well, talk more soon, pce.

February 15th, 2013

The main map is finally finished for the YakuzaCO project, which is a complete MOD of the game Conquer. Completely new systems and functions that will definitively change the way the game is played. We'll be assembling some things in the next few weeks and making some imortant announcements. If you are interested in testing please stay up to date and check out our forum to get yourself into the action. But that's not all.

TYTYRacing is also under construction again, this time with new cars and other content that we should have assembled some time in the coming months. The plan is to release it again as a multiplayer shooter, and then develop further from there. The truck created by Incariuz is now in game, as well as the hotrod. A new car script is under construction and the ability to alter the script will be passed to the player, with limits set on values to maintain som elevel of realism. We'll be encouraging players to post their scripts and share setups with friends and possibly other players.

More in the pipeline but I'll leave that for the next update, pce all.